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Blooming Great Tea Party!

Posted by JESSICA VICKERY on Monday, July 8, 2013
On Saturday mum had a Blooming Great Tea Party to raise money for Marie Curie. They helped our friend Carolyne a lot whilst her dad was very ill, and really wanted to help give something back.
It was a brilliant day, although I was not allowed on the bouncy castle once! I tried to sneak on but I got caught and sent upstairs for the rest of the day :(
It went really well though, and all those cakes I wasn't allowed to eat got sold, so we made just over £500 for the nurses, thats pretty good apparently - I don't know how many bones that would buy - but sounds like a lot!
Mum wants everyone to know she's really proud of what everyone did that day to raise money, and a big wet slobbery thank you from me too!

Tea Party!                                                                                  Our home-made cakes and fudge! mmmm.....

Hopefully we'll be having more of these, maybe one or two a year! But no matter what, I am getting my go on that big bouncy thing next time!

Catch ya laters!

I'm seven whole months now! And getting bigger everyday! Here I am sporting a pretty cool hair 'do at the mo!

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